A Holiday Dragon?

As we get closer to Winter WonderFest installation, many of our Christmas Tree themes are coming along nicely. One of this year’s themes is based on one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic characters. Because nothing say Christmas like a red dragon […]

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Great Grains of Wood

As our carpenters are working downstairs on some large planter boxes for an upcoming outdoor music festival, they’ve been cutting & piling large planks of wood on the shop tables. It’s amazing the beautiful textures & patterns Mother Nature can […]

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After cutting a few different projects, the “buffer boards” on our CNC Router get some really great, grooved patterns cut into them. The beauty of making custom-designed decor pieces… and the beautiful “artwork” that happens concurrently. Over the years, “Stosh” […]

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FIREFLY : Clear Skies Ahead

Well, it’s been a few soggy days… delaying parts of the set-up for the Firefly Music Festival. Pouring rain & squishy ground aren’t too conducive to building tents & venues?! Luckily, the sun has come out today and everyone was […]

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Touching Golden Arches

Our client, Culture22, came to us a few weeks back with a project for their client, McDonald’s. McDonald’s asked Culture22 to develop an experience that would engage professors and visitors of their Hamburger University, located in Oak Brook, Illinois. Their […]

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