Monochromatic Collections of Colors & Textures

Impressive floral arrangements can come in a variety of sizes. You don’t always need “huge” to pack a visual punch. Sometimes understated collections of flowers add the right amount of flair. Especially when there are monochromatic combinations of colors & textures. Whether it’s shades of indigo with blue hydrangeas, mokara orchids, stock & mums… Or deep reds • Read More »

Vibrant Mix

Even in the dead of Winter in Chicago, our floral designers can still create a burst of vibrant colors with fresh flowers from around the world. It’s a great mix of colors and textures with pincushion protea, tulips, roses, mokara orchids and assorted foliage.

Year Of The Dragon 2012

Happy Chinese New Year one and all. And to celebrate the beginning of the Year Of The Dragon, we were hired to design an elaborate Asian-inspired house party. With a large tent in the backyeard, and decor throughout the house, the client’s beautiful home was converted into an Asian dream! With classic Chinese elements though • Read More »

Striking in Black & White

Okay, so maybe the orchids aren’t quite white… and the ti leaves & callas are really a dark purple. Yet the effect was stunning. Formal, classy & fun – and quite striking & elegant in form, color & contrast.

Tropical Textures

Patterns. Colors. Textures. Ablaze in shades of reds, purples & greens.

Creamy Classic.

Creamy white roses, purple sea holly, foliage and seeded eucalyptus combine in a silver trumpet vase to create a dramatic & statuesque arrangement. It’s a beautiful combination of similar color and different textures.

Oncidium Orchids

Beautiful as a splash of color, exploding in a beautiful centerpiece… or decorating our innovative “twig” chandeliers… yellow oncidium orchids add a sense of whimsy – like hundreds of tiny butterflies flitting about on the stems. Much more approachable & casual than the more formal orchid varieties.

All Choked Up.

Not every client is your “typical” client. Not every event is the “typical” event. So why be stuck with the same old “typical” floral centerpieces?! Sometimes it’s more fun to think outside of the box and go with some unconventional materials to create dramatic effects. Like using beautiful purple artichokes for their structure and geometric • Read More »

Hello Yellow.

Sometimes a single color can say so much. Especially when a little texture is thrown in to mix it up a bit!

Lounging in the Green Room

Some events are special. Some events have special talent. This one had both. A huge spectacle of a party thrown for some very special guests! Ivan Carlson was hired to take care of the talent’s Green Room requirements. Of course they could have had just the bare minimums… but what fun is that?! Instead, we • Read More »