It’s A Family Affair

With a family-friendly event, it’s always important to keep everyone entertained. And filling the expansive Ballroom at McCormick Hyatt is no easy task. But with a lot of collaborative creative work, the event came together as a mix of colorful fun, family activities and whimsical wonder. Get the corporate message across, in a fun way! • Read More »

Harkening Back to the World’s Fair

With wonderful exhibits, relics, antiquities and thematic vignettes, Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry was the perfect location to host a “World’s Fair” theme event. With dramatic draping in the rotunda, and striking lighting throughout, the museum was transformed back to the days of carnival barkers & fan dancers!

How To “Out-Reef” a Real Caribbean Reef?

When hired for an event at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, the question is frequently how to decorate the venue without covering any of it’s existing beauty? How do you “out-reef” an already amazing Caribbean Reef and aquatic displays? Always ready for a challenge… we tackled it head-on by creating our own version with • Read More »

Bright Lights For A New Product Launch

A fun, new product launch needs a fun, new environment for the launch party! Specialty lighting & gobos were utilized to create a bright & colorful space for the guests. The exterior walls & tent sides were washed with color and custom gobos for branding. Vertical glow towers were added for some architectural & textural • Read More »

50th Anniversary : An Evening With Cirque du Soleil

As the festivities continued in Las Vegas, the guests were all invited to enjoy an evening watching Cirque du Soleil’s “KA” at the MGM Grand. The show is ablaze with vivid colors, geometric patterns… and well, err… flames! It’s an epic battle of “good”… … versus “evil” with plenty of aerials & acrobatics in between • Read More »

50th Anniversary : Vegas Rally Party

The guests who enjoyed the 50th Anniversary Celebration events in Grand Rapids, Michigan were also invited to continue on with the party as it traveled to Las Vegas! So the 3,000 top-tier sales performers all went to Las Vegas, and were joined by the second tier of sales performers. A great perk for those 5,000 • Read More »

50th Anniversary : Gala Dinner

For the final evening of the program, guests were invited to a formal dinner before a special closing concert. The room was dramatically lit with colors & gobo patterns on the ceiling that conveyed the pattern of the linens. A dining room set for 3,000 guests makes quite an impression. Luckily, we were able to • Read More »

50th Anniversary : Elements Dinner

The third night of the festivities continued with a special seated dinner focused on the four natural elements – Air, Water, Earth & Fire. And sadly no, the classic band “Earth, Wind & Fire” were not performing…. talk about missed opportunities! But I digress… The large “room” we had created with draping from a octagonal • Read More »

50th Anniversary : A Global Reception

When a large corporate company wants to celebrate their 50th Anniversary… we’re more than ready to step up and help design & facilitate the event. A special occasion like this requires special attention. It’s a huge landmark for any company… and this one was ready to celebrate with their top-selling Sales Team from around the • Read More »

50th Anniversary : Founders Council Reception

What better way to start a large 50th Anniversary Celebration than with a very special reception to honor the original Founders of the Company? This intimate cocktail reception was held in a ballroom that was actually converted from an old bank. Many of the original bank elements are still intact adding more history & charm • Read More »