Get To Know Us… Staff Spotlight Style

We, at Ivan Carlson & Associates, are proud to say that we’re “a group of really fun people.” It’s a saying you can find almost anywhere, our business cards, website, Facebook and Instagram, you get the picture. They say people do business with people, not businesses, and we couldn’t agree more so we decided that, in an effort to help you get to know us better, on the first Wednesday of every month, we will feature a Staff Spotlight where you’ll get some intel on our team and learn how fun we really are.

To kick off this series we chose Tina Carlson, President of Ivan Carlson & Associates. Read on to check out Tina’s responses to our questions and to learn what makes her part of our group of “really fun people!”

Tina Headshot

Name: Tina Carlson

Position: President- can I have a more creative title? I have always felt that President was really dry, no flair.

Years working at ICA: Really, who knows? I got married in 1986, so I guess I started in 1984. Favorite part of the job: Working with clients that appreciate the creative aspect of our work. What three traits define you?: Laser focus- how funny was that answer? (this answer is funny because she really only gave one trait…instead of three. We’ll fill in the blanks for her by adding that she’s humble and passionate in her work.) What is your hidden talent?: No hidden talents – I put everything out there. If you were stuck in an elevator with one person who would it be and why?: My sister. She and I can and will laugh at anything. (And I know she is never going to nibble on my arm no matter how hungry she gets.)   There you have it, folks. Tina Carlson, President of Ivan Carlson & Associates. Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon and our next Staff Spotlight in April. For more information on what we at ICA do, check out our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.