Union Station

Grand Color In The Great Hall

Transforming the normal hustle & bustle of Chicago’s Union Station into a professional corporate event is no mere feat. Accomplished with unique seating vignettes, illuminated towers, sleek white furniture and black communal tables. The client’s colors painted the Great Hall, as well appearing in the flowers, pillows and accent pieces. Photos by Eric Craig Photography.

Union Station On A Budget

Many times a client comes in with big plans and a small budget. Many times they are unaware of their options. We’re here to offer suggestions on how to convert their venue into a dramatic space even within the constraints of their budget. By limiting the floral, adding more candles and keeping with simple, clean design, • Read More »

Chicago Neighborhoods

Coming & going… Union Station is hub to many people & neighborhoods. So it was only fitting that Chicago’s Union Station would be transformed into a corporate “Chicago neighborhoods” holiday party! With dramatic lighting to accent the already striking architecture, the Great Room was converted into a glamorous room harkening back to Chicago’s glorious past. The • Read More »