The Vineyard

FIREFLY : The Vineyard at Night

Charming. As the guests flowed into The Vineyard, the wine was flowing too! And as dusk settled in, the lights became more apparent. Twinkling spheres hung in the center of every pergola side, as well as lines of stringer lights creating a canopy and a lighted perimeter. In the darkness of night, the canopy of • Read More »

FIREFLY : The Vineyard

Set in a quint alcove cut out from the trees, The Vineyard will be a quite respite from the concerts. Custom-designed pergolas line the perimeter for the various wine varietals. Each of the pergolas, as well as the entrance, were festooned today with an assortment of wisteria & greenery. Special thanks to Colleen of the • Read More »

FIREFLY : The Vineyard

One of the most relaxing locations at the Firefly Music Festival is surely going to be The Vineyard. Tucked away in a wooded alcove, away from the music stages, The Vineyard will be a nice place to kick-back, relax and enjoy some different wines from some local wineries. The custom pergolas were designed to give • Read More »