FIREFLY : The Vineyard

One of the most relaxing locations at the Firefly Music Festival is surely going to be The Vineyard. Tucked away in a wooded alcove, away from the music stages, The Vineyard will be a nice place to kick-back, relax and enjoy some different wines from some local wineries. The custom pergolas were designed to give The Vineyard a quaint garden vibe, as well as creating the perfect place to hang some twinkling spheres of lights. 3.6-vineyard 1 Each wine bar will serve two varietals. Traditional wooden wine barrels were used to create the bar service areas. 3.6-vineyard 4 3.6-vineyard 3 And then at night, The Vineyard takes on a festive glow with a canopy of stringer lights draped across the area. Still a quiet respite from the “crowds & noise” of the Festival, The Vineyard twinkles at night with some special Firefly magic. 3.6-vineyard at night 2 3.6-vineyard at night 1 3.6-vineyard at night 4 3.6-vineyard at night 3