Umbrellas Get A Makeover

Last year at the Firefly Music Festival, we incorporated a lot of umbrellas into our decor & lighting design for The Pathway. We made a wonderful “chandelier” of white umbrellas & crystal strings amongst the canopy . This year, we thought it would be fun to “re-purpose” the umbrellas for another installation. As you can • Read More »

FIREFLY : Testing… Testing…

Tonight was the first time we “flipped the switch” in The Pathway. Illuminating the umbrella chandelier with fingers crossed. Hoping everything would look magical, colorful & sparkling. And it did… In addition to the umbrella chandelier, we also did a little magic in one of the larger trees. Creating another wonderful effect using meteor lights • Read More »

FIREFLY : Umbrellas Taking Flight

Sure, a white umbrella could be considered a bit boring. So many other color choices out there. But when you get a hundred white umbrellas together in one place, suddenly it’s a different story! The Woodlands is a sprawling area adjacent to the Dover International Speedway.  To get through the wooded parcel, and to get • Read More »