Tons of Truss

The packing, stacking & labeling has been going on for a few weeks. Skids are strapped. Stacks are secured. Everything is color-coded. Large amounts of decor, gear, lighting & truss have been prepped for our upcoming trip out to the East Coast for a huge, outdoor music festival. We will once again be doing decor, • Read More »

FIREFLY : Entrance

In between rain & storms, the entrance arch was finally completed today. Can’t wait for our Lighting Team to get in there to add some creative lighting & magical Firefly effects.

FIREFLY : Another Crazy Storm

After a day or two of nice weather, we started the morning with our “Wolf Pack” who has taken to showing their true colors with a pack chant – complete with hand gestures! Here’s the full “pack” awaiting their morning instructions… left to right… Zehyne, Colleen, Eric, Andrew (hiding), Kris, Jess, Kayla, Gabby, Paul (in • Read More »