FIREFLY : Another Crazy Storm

After a day or two of nice weather, we started the morning with our “Wolf Pack” who has taken to showing their true colors with a pack chant – complete with hand gestures! Here’s the full “pack” awaiting their morning instructions… left to right… Zehyne, Colleen, Eric, Andrew (hiding), Kris, Jess, Kayla, Gabby, Paul (in back), Devin, Katie, David, Lexi and Alex! All ready to start another day! my wolf pack-300 Looks like “The Coffeehouse” is almost ready for us to move in. Once the floor is completed… until then, we can tackle the tents & venues that are already up. As well as running cables & cords everywhere for electric & lighting!!! coffeehouse ceiling truss And then the sky got dark… the wind picked up… it was getting a bit tumultuous… morning storm 21-300 afternoon storm 3-300 morning storm 2-300 As the dark clouds quickly changed colors, we were all safely evacuated from the festival grounds. morning storm 3-300 afternoon storm 9-300 morning storm 7-300 After about an hour, we received the “all clear” confirmation and got to head back to the festival grounds. Just as fast as the storm rolled in, it also rolled right back out and the sun came out with clear blue skies! Perfect for installing the twin truss towers at the festival entrance. front entrance mesh redux 5-300 front entrance mesh redux 6-300 front entrance mesh redux 9-300 front entrance mesh redux 10-300