FIREFLY : Umbrellas Taking Flight

Sure, a white umbrella could be considered a bit boring. So many other color choices out there. But when you get a hundred white umbrellas together in one place, suddenly it’s a different story! pathway umbrellas white-300 The Woodlands is a sprawling area adjacent to the Dover International Speedway.  To get through the wooded parcel, and to get from performance stage to stage, the guests need to cross The Pathway. This year, we’re installing a large, sparking “chandelier” of sorts high amongst the trees in the center of The Pathway. Approximately a hundred white umbrellas with gently “float” above the guests as they walk through. Each of them will have a single light bulb inside, and have crystal chains swooping from umbrella to umbrella. pathway umbrellas 6-300 pathway umbrellas 14-300 A quick shot of Adam peeking out through the mass of umbrellas… pathway umbrellas 13-300 pathway umbrellas 3-300 Once the umbrellas were in place, it was time to start stringing a bit of sparkle between them for a magical “chandelier” effect. Adam was carefully driving the boom, and ducking where needed, so as not to get tangled up in the sparkling chains. umbrellas & adam-300 white umbrellas 4-300 white umbrellas 2-300 Now that the white umbrellas are “floating” over head, it’s time to tackle the colored ones that will be up in the trees as you enter & exit The Pathway. pathway umbrellas royal blue-300pathway umbrellas orange-300pathway umbrellas lime-300