Transforming A Hotel Ballroom

Not every hotel ballroom is attractive. Unless you like beige air walls.
Frequently, the bride & the wedding planner want the room to look nicer than it really is. Sometimes the best way to do that is to complete cover the room with drapery. Creating a dramatic tent effect while still in the comfort & security of a hotel ballroom.

2-ballroom empty 2

3-center truss3-center truss raising

4-center truss wrapped 14-center truss draped

4-center truss wrapped Javier4-chandelier chains 1

With a lot of truss, and a lot fidgeting, Walter & Javier get the fabric attached, spread out and ready to raise to the ceiling. As the fabric begins to fill in, and swag across the ceiling, a couple crystal chandeliers are also added to the truss for that added wedding sparkle. What bride doesn’t want even more sparkle!?

5-ceiling & sides 8

Add some dramatic lighting and a few crystal chandeliers, and the room really starts to come to life. No more beige. No more air walls. Just wedding glamor.

6-chandelier 4

6-chandelier 10

And the room is ready for a glamorous wedding…

7-room shot 13

7-room shot 11

7-room shot 10

7-room shot 19

And there it is… a transformed hotel ballroom ready for a very special wedding night.