What’s The Bright Idea?

In partnership with Carmel Entertainment, and inspired by 1871’s contemporary business platform’ unique light bulb centerpiece-lamps were created to represent the “bright ideas & innovations” that make up this entrepreneurial hub.

Splash of Color

What a difference color makes?! A vibrant splash of color on a limestone retaining wall made a world of difference to the outside of this corporate office. What a great way to change it up a bit and really make a splash with your guests as they arrive for a special evening function. The textured • Read More »

Contemporary Wedding Pastels

White walls. White drapes. No problem. A large white “box” of a room can easily be transformed into a beautiful wedding reception. Just add some design, flowers & dramatic uplighting. With so much natural light coming into the room, the specialty lighting gradually becomes more dramatic as the sun goes down… and party gets going! The • Read More »

FIREFLY : Umbrellas at Night

Sure, we had tested the lighting a few days ago… but nothing was quite as exciting as seeing the full lighting effects in The Pathway.  But tonight I had a chance to sit back, relax and really take it in – the colors, the sparkle, the magic. Special thanks to our Lighting Designer Mike for • Read More »

FIREFLY : Testing… Testing…

Tonight was the first time we “flipped the switch” in The Pathway. Illuminating the umbrella chandelier with fingers crossed. Hoping everything would look magical, colorful & sparkling. And it did… In addition to the umbrella chandelier, we also did a little magic in one of the larger trees. Creating another wonderful effect using meteor lights • Read More »

Transforming A Hotel Ballroom

Not every hotel ballroom is attractive. Unless you like beige air walls. Frequently, the bride & the wedding planner want the room to look nicer than it really is. Sometimes the best way to do that is to complete cover the room with drapery. Creating a dramatic tent effect while still in the comfort & • Read More »

Year Of The Dragon 2012

Happy Chinese New Year one and all. And to celebrate the beginning of the Year Of The Dragon, we were hired to design an elaborate Asian-inspired house party. With a large tent in the backyeard, and decor throughout the house, the client’s beautiful home was converted into an Asian dream! With classic Chinese elements though • Read More »


Dramatic or Intimate. Proper lighting can make the difference. Whether you’re splashing dramatic lighting against the wall to accentuate the colors and geometry of the room, or trying to create more intimate seating lounges, lighting changes can make a striking contrast when used at the same event.

Union Station On A Budget

Many times a client comes in with big plans and a small budget. Many times they are unaware of their options. We’re here to offer suggestions on how to convert their venue into a dramatic space even within the constraints of their budget. By limiting the floral, adding more candles and keeping with simple, clean design, • Read More »

Four Nights. Four Lounges.

With a corporate group meeting spanning four nights in the same hotel, with the same people, the same rooms, the same everything… we were brought in to create a different lounge setting for each night. Transforming the same room into a different atmosphere each night at the Swissotel, Chicago.