Year Of The Dragon 2012

Happy Chinese New Year one and all. And to celebrate the beginning of the Year Of The Dragon, we were hired to design an elaborate Asian-inspired house party. With a large tent in the backyeard, and decor throughout the house, the client’s beautiful home was converted into an Asian dream! With classic Chinese elements though out the main floor, and the energized flash of Lan Kwai Fong in the basement, the guests travelled throughout the party for a different experience in every room. But before they even got into the house… they had to pass under a custom-designed Chinatown gate that sat outside their front door! Once inside, guests were greeted by Asian hostesses, waving golden Good Luck Cats, beautiful ikebana-inspired floral and a custom-painted 2012 Year Of The Dragon rug As the guests entered, they were directed towards the Dining Room where they were to pick up an Chinese Zodiac identifier tag to wear at the party. The personality traits of each sign were listed on the back for people to share & compare. The Living Room was transformed into a serene Buddha Shrine with hostess gifts at his feet as offerings. Much of the furniture stayed in the room, but the family’s carpets were switched out with custom, hand-painted rugs. The Family Room was filed with cherry blossoms and a large dragon ice sculpture. A custom cocktail flowed throughout the evening while the guests read more about their zodiac persoality traits from signs placed in the bookcases that flank the fireplace. As the guests head downstairs, they were entering Lan Kwai Fong; the bustling party district of Hong Kong. The vibe changed dramatically as there were not thousands of lights flashing, spinning & blinking. Plus neon colors, go-go dancers, LED blinkers and downtown signage created the unforgettable energy of Lan Kwai Fong. In one room, the entire space pulsed in a red glow as thousands of LED blinkers were awaiting the guests. In the adjacent room, the Laughing Buddha Dessert Buffet was ablaze with colorful linens, spectacular floral and light poles that had LED lights emanating from Buddha himself. Like fireworks celebrating the New Year. Further down was another area of Lan Kwai Fong… and where the dance party broke out! Complete with downtown signage, DJ, go-go dancers and red lanterns all around the room! As if that weren’t enough, we also erected a large party tent in the backyard. Covering the majority of the yard, and the pergola over their deck, the tent was heated from beneath the floors and created a large space for a lot of guests to gather. As well as two fortune tellers, a central bar focal point, zodiac personality towers and Asian lanterns. Dramatic lighting made the environment quite magical. Hard to believe it was outside in Winter!