One More Tree. One More Theme.

Things are moving along. With each tree, we tackle another skid full of ornaments & another whimsical theme for the holiday trees. The days are counting down… as Navy Pier’s Winter WonderFest opens next Thursday night for a special Preview Party.

Elves In A Box

Holiday production is well under way and our wonderful team of Elves are fitting right in. Hard to believe we’re in the middle of October… which means Christmas is just ten weeks away! Guess these Elves need to stop the mischief and get back to work, huh?! Who knows, next we might just find an • Read More »

Become an “Elf” This Holiday Season

Summer is almost over… and we’re looking to hire a few HOLIDAY ELVES!!! We do a lot of holiday decor for corporate & private clients. And we need to find a group of enthusiastic, hard-working, deadline-driven workers to help us tackle our holiday production projects. Dare to dream… become an Elf. You know you’ve always • Read More »

A Holiday Party That Was “Outta This World”

Greetings From Outer Space! What says Christmas more than an intergalactic trip to your Corporate Holiday Party? Well, that was the theme for this unique fantasy world of holiday fun as the venue was transformed into an other-worldly adventure. Guests were greeted by an oversized robot arch as they entered the room for last night’s • Read More »

Holiday Palette : Prepped & Packed

The American Girl holiday palette of of pinks & purples expanded this year to more of their stores. Last year, we created Christmas trees for four of their store locations. This year, we prepped & packed for more trees in more stores, as well as a full decoration package for several stores. Hundreds of wreaths, • Read More »

Happy Holidays at The Zoo

The Lion House at the Lincoln Park Zoo has never been so frozen cold! With the Zoo’s penguins on “vacation” while their habitat is being renovated, they decided to come back for a special holiday visit. And they brought their polar bear friends with them. As part of ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo, four of • Read More »

Year Of The Dragon 2012

Happy Chinese New Year one and all. And to celebrate the beginning of the Year Of The Dragon, we were hired to design an elaborate Asian-inspired house party. With a large tent in the backyeard, and decor throughout the house, the client’s beautiful home was converted into an Asian dream! With classic Chinese elements though • Read More »

Enter The Dragon

With the Chinese New Years Party just a day away, we’ve started installing already! We love when sketches & plans come together. Nothing better than imagining what it should look like, and then being able to custom build it for the client. The guys in our shop are always up for a challenge – and definitely did • Read More »

Inspiration : Chinatown Gates

With a very special Chinese New Year Party on the horizon, it was time to draw some inspiration for decorative Chinatown Gates from around the world. Our clients want an impressive entrance treatment… and we may just need to build them their own Chinatown Gate?!