A Holiday Party That Was “Outta This World”

Greetings From Outer Space! What says Christmas more than an intergalactic trip to your Corporate Holiday Party? Well, that was the theme for this unique fantasy world of holiday fun as the venue was transformed into an other-worldly adventure. Guests were greeted by an oversized robot arch as they entered the room for last night’s holiday event. entry robot 1 entry robot 3 Flying high in the ceiling was a deconstructed “space ship” along with a rotating alien head peering down to the crowd. Chicago artist David Csicsko designed the alien graphic for the party. entry robot 6 Buffet stations were nestled amongst the red stalagmites giving a retro-flashback feel to the days of RKO Pictures and an unfortunate spaceship crash site. BUFFET rko tower 5 BUFFET crash site 2 The back sides of the buffet decor was upholstered with metallic red material to add some splash & sparkle for those partying on the dance floor! BUFFET crash site 4 The side buffets were perfect for appetizers & desserts. The space laboratory was full of gears, gadgets & flashing lights… and special shelving for trays of appetizers! laboratory 2 Behind each door of the Astro-Mat, guests found a sweet dessert for them to take out and enjoy. The interactive wall was “mysteriously” replenished constantly through the party. One plate at a time. One plate out, one plate in. astro-mat 2 astro-mat laser Never one to miss an opportunity for retro-fun, buffet decor vignettes were created with functioning rayguns & vintage metal toy robots. raygun wall focal decor 2 One of the most popular places at the party every year is Santa’s photo-op. A full spaceship backdrop was created for Santa – along with his “command central” throne! santa spaceship 3 And not just ANY Santa can play in Outer Space. Internet-sensation Flula was invited to play Santa for the evening – complete with his glass bubble helmet. Part of the evening’s entertainment was DJ EVALiCiOUS who enjoyed her chance to schmooze with Santa before the party began! It was a match made in… err, Outer Space! SANTA flula & DJ eve 2