50 + 50 = 100 Reasons To Celebrate

When a couple reaches a milestone in their lives, it’s time to party! And when each of them turn 50 in the same year, there’s 100 reasons to celebrate! Of course every 50-50 Party needs a signature drink made with 50/50 soda, right? And a specially decked-out back bar area with classic 50/50 cans, and plenty of lemons & limes! 50-50 bar 1 The house party started with a classic black & white theme. The cocktail reception and seating vignettes were collections of black & white patterns with silver accents. Guests were even “instructed” to wear cocktail party black & white attire. bette anne's office 1 bette anne's office 3 Even the floral accents were white for the first portion of the party. foyer 2 kitchen 2 When the guests adjourned to the backyard tent for dinner, they were still in a black & white dining atmosphere… now with a splash of red introduced with the red rose centerpieces. dinner tent 4 During dinner however, unbeknownst to the guests, the interior rooms were transformed with vibrant colors. The classic black & white gave way to a more festive color palette of reds & oranges!!! foyer 3 The 50/50 bar & lounge areas were also transformed with more lemon & lime citrus colors with pops of LED lighting & candles! bette anne's office 13 bette anne's office 8 bette anne's office 9 The kitchen became the destination for all thing dessert… along with another colorful floral transformation. kitchen 4 kitchen 8 Continuing with the evening’s “splashy” transformation, the outdoor landscaping also took on bright, vibrant tones of reds, oranges & purples. landscaping 5 landscaping 4 landscaping 3 A wonderful party. Great food. Fun color transformations. Two very happy 50-year olds… and a houseful of fun-loving guests all wishing them a Happy Birthday with 1oo Reasons To Celebrate! living room 7