50th Anniversary : Denim & Diamonds

The second night’s festivities took place in the large Expo space of the Conventional Hall. The vast cavern of a space was draped off to create a smaller, more intimate octagon room.  The theme for this evening’s dinner was “Denim & Diamonds.” A little bit country, a little bit sparkly. A large central chandelier was created  as well as four “blue jean” chandeliers… made from authentic “bedazzled” blue jeans! ICA-room shot ICA-denim chandelier To continue the natural elements theme from the night before, we created a different “element” in each quadrant of the octagon. The element was represented by a pair of horses (for the country theme) that had been decorated with the thematic element. EARTH – With a horse covered with moss patches, Spanish moss mane & river rock socks… which we affectionately named “Kate Moss.” The colt was “bedazzled” with an ivy pattern made of green glass gems. ICA-horses-earth WATER – The horse was decorated in the style of Claude Monet’s “Waterlilies” complete with lotus flowers for the mane & tail. The colt was painted with a more traditional representation of water in the form of a colorful Japanese koi fish tattoo, and the Kanji symbol for “water.” ICA-horses-water FIRE – In this vignette, the horse was decked out as a Mustang “Hot” Rod with retro flames and checkered flag mane & tail. The colt was painted with a sparked matchstick in the style of pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein. ICA-horses-fire AIR – The horse was painted in the style of Van Gogh’s “Starry, Starry Night.” While the colt was painted with light blue clouds, white sun rays and diamond accents… a ode to “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” ICA-horse starry night Each duo of horses, as well as the full-sized windmill in the center, was flanked by custom decorated barrels, wagon wheels and prairie grasses in galvanized buckets. ICA-barrel vignette ICA-windmill topper The buffet table continues the theme of “Denim & Diamonds” with actual blue jeans as the “linen” overlay. ICA-denim buffet The tables were covered with cow-hide print & black leather linens. The floral arrangements were created on-site by our ICA Floral Team. Some tables got the elevated & diamond-dripping candelabras, while others received the country monarch butterflies escaping from silver lanterns. ICA-nikki candelabra roses ICA-butterfly lantern After this country themed dinner, guests we all invited to a private concert with LeAnn Rimes. Just to finish off the night with a little more denim, and a little more diamonds!!! Photos courtesy of Ben Harrison Photography.