50th Anniversary : A Grand Gala Dinner

With the 50th Anniversary Celebration drawing quickly to a close, the guests were treated to one last formal gala dinner. The Marquis Ballroom at the MGM Grand was transformed into a sea of red roses & glittering gold tables.  The ICA Floral Team created elegant, elevated centerpieces with thousands of long-stemmed red roses. Over 5,000 guests sat down for this festive dinner before they moved on to their final, farewell concert with Sir Elton John. ICA-vegas gala centerpieces ICA-vegas gala room shot ICA-vegas gala linen Towards the end of the evening, the guests were surprised with “indoor fireworks” in the form of a well-timed kabuki banner drop. The banners & metallic streamers had been rolled up to the ceiling prior to dinner. At just the right moment, the trigger was flipped and the banners unfurled in a rhythmic popping & dropping. A grand finale for such a grand event. ICA-vegas gala banner drop This 50th Anniversary Celebration was a wonderful corporate event to be part of. So much fun to be part of the planning team, as well as designing & executing festivities in both Grand Rapids and Las Vegas. Let’s hope they don’t wait another 50 years for another big celebration!!!