A Lively Lollapalooza Lounge

A white tent doesn’t always need to be white. Especially when it’s a lounge tent at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago. Yards of colorful fabric were attached & draped to create a colorful canopy spanning the tent. A welcome surprise inside the tent. drape hanging canopy install 3 canopy install 2 canopy install 1 Lighting, furniture and vendor product placement were all put in place. The white inflatable furniture pieces were kept covered until right before guests arrived. wrapped furniture gathered center point Custom upholstered stools continue the color story throughout the tent. canopy & stools Stacks of colorful bookcase shelves were put behind the bar for a wonderful splash of fun for the guests… and a great place for the vendor to display their bottles during the event. The vertical color stripes on the bars will illuminate from behind for even more fun. colored shelf units Add some lighting & some people… and you’ve got yourself a party-palooza!!! illuminated bar