Cruisin’ To The Holiday Party

Not every corporate holiday party has to be traditional red & green with Santa! And luckily, we have a wonderful client that hosts some of the best Holiday Parties EVER!!! This year, the theme was a Holiday Cruise… and all of the crazy antics you might run across along the way! The Park West was transformed into a nautical fantasy! lobby entrance 1 IC-2014 Park West-015 lobby entrance 6 Guests entered the party beneath a set of oversized sails… setting sail for a fun evening! IC-2014 Park West-061 One of the main food buffets a “Polynesian Delight.” Complete with a hula dancer, palm trees, tropical flowers and a flaming tiki torch. hula girl 10 The other buffet was host to a “Pirate’s Bounty” with his treasure chest overflowing. He had obviously staked his claim as the Jolly Roger flag was already flying high! pirate 8 pirate 9 Beneath each of the buffets, the “Underwater World” came to life with bubbles, baubles, coral reefs, tropical fish… and even the Tick-Tock Croc. IC-2014 Park West-142 IC-2014 Park West-141 underwater 3 One of the ancillary buffets was the “Octopus’ Garden”… complete with moving tentacles that seemed to be trying to grab food right off the plates! octopus garden 2 octopus garden 5 octopus garden 4 The second ancillary buffet was the “Desert-ed Island”… yes, it was the dessert buffet! And what deserted island would be complete without every castaway’s best friend Wilson. Even the menu items were presented as the proverbial Message In A Bottle. dessert-ed island 1 dessert-ed island 14 dessert-ed island 7 To the side of the “Lido Deck” dance floor was the  hull of the ship. A perfect location for the traditional photo-op with Santa, or in this case, the Holiday Captain of the Cruise Ship. Just waiting for that first person to have their “I’m the King of the World” moment. IC-2014 Park West-172 IC-2014 Park West-166 Including a mermaid and favorite sailor boy… IC-2014 Park West-174 As the party went on, more and more people were piling into the boat… some of the images were displayed on the large monitors throughout the room. ship photo-op 11-180 CLEAN Keeping the guests at bay… assorted “characters” roamed the room to keep the guests entertained & dancing. Lucky for us, Park West does NOT have a n0-parrots rule!!! IC-2014 Park West-114 IC-2014 Park West-186 Select professional photos by Eric Craig Photography.