Dream On

Last night we produced a wonderful holiday event at Morgan Manufacturing on Chicago’s West Side. The client’s guests were so busy through the holidays that they decided to postpone the party until February when things settled down a bit. The theme was “Dream On” with thematic vignettes throughout the space to invoke a dreamy atmosphere. Not your “normal” holiday party!!! Guests entered the event though a maze of mirrors & crystal curtains. Memorable quotes about dreams were on the mirrors. But the mirrors weren’t your everyday mirrors. Instead they were slightly “twisted” to add to the twisty, shifty, dream-like effect. crazy mirrors 1 crazy mirrors 2 Once inside, guests were treated to a cocktail reception in the “Living Garden” complete with harpist, a living statue and an ivy covered stilt-walker. When they entered the main room for the dinner portion of the event, a large curtain was drawn back and the band played “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Meanwhile, an acrobatic aerialist poured champagne from high above in the chandelier thanks to Chicago’s Redmoon Theater! Each of the food stations represented a different “dreamy” aspect. The first was an “Enchanted Garden” with a waterfall, boxwood walls, wisteria, bougainvillea and enchanted firefly flickers throughout. waterfall 1 The second station was a “Psychedelic Dreaming” station. Where even the table was a little “dreamy” with the legs of llamas instead of table legs. Specialty lighting, confetti curtains & lava lamps added a wonderful pop of vibrant colors and iridescent reflections. psychedelic 1 psychedelic 2 psychedelic 7 psychedelic 5 psychedelic 8 psychedelic seating 2 The third buffet station was an homage to Vincent van Gogh’s famous “The Starry Night”… with a slightly wacky & dreamy spin! A seemingly Western-themed vignette with the famous painting emblazoned on a life-sized horse! starry night 3 starry night 4 Even the rusted boiler in the corner came to life with a beautiful floral piece spilling out the front. boiler floral 2