Everything’s Bigger in Texas!

And that includes Christmas! A few of our ICA Crew traveled down to Dallas, Texas this past weekend to help decorate a store by the Galleria Mall. It’s a 24-foot tree which requires some equipment, some heavy lifting and a LOT of ornaments!!! Bins & bins… AG ornaments 4 AG ornaments 3 AG ornaments 2 And while the ornaments were starting to take over the store, our Crew with the assistance of some store personnel began assembling the tree. A lot of “fluffing” of the branches while Lefty started working on the topper of the tree! AG tree fluffing 2 AG tree topper 2 As the tree continues to come together, the decorations begin to fill the tree. The tree topper gets decked out with white stars &  a plume of colorful sprays. AG DALLAS christmas tree 6 When the tree was finished, it was the dutiful Store Manager who climbed under the tree to wrap the tree skirt around. Oddly reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the East… a little holiday spin on “The Wizard of Oz”… AG manager under tree 3 AG manager under tree 2 Special thanks to the Dallas Store Crew for sticking around to help install & decorate their towering Christmas Tree. AG DALLAS crew shot 2 AG DALLAS christmas tree 7