Fashion Forward

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Over the years, Ivan Carlson has helped design & produce countless fashion shows around the City. From staging & lighting, to sound & production… we’re able to help fashion designers “put their best foot forward.” nordstrom fashion 1 nordstrom fashion 2 We start with a “backdrop” structure for the fashion show that is versatile for both the designers & models. Then dramatic mood lighting is layered in to help “tell the story” of the fashion line being presented. Creative lighting can make a world of difference! fashion show-color logo gobo fashion show-lavender fashion show-orange fashion show-pink fashion show-orange gobo We’ve done fashion shows of all sizes – from grand to small. Huge vaulted ceilings with yards of drapery for the bigger shows. Small sets for the more approachable designers. chanel fashion show3 IADT04 runway fashion show - Anna Wilkerson