Hallucination Holidays???

For many guests, this year’s holiday party was an “out of body” experience at this groovy corporate holiday party. The theme given to us by the client was “a drug hallucination experience.” Not Woodstock. Not hippies. Not the 60’s. But a “true” drug hallucination experience. So we set out to transform the Park West in a psychedelic haze of holiday fun! inflatable red & room shot Lots of bright colors. Lots of visual stimulation. Tons of tongue-in-cheek references to different drugs through the ages. mandap & stage shot 'big fun' on stage 2 The buffet stations were created with psychedelic animals who were actually the the “legs” of the tables!… or is that just an hallucination?! The llamas held up the “grass” salad stations. The pigs held up the “shrooms” stations. And the horses held up everything else!!! llama buffet end pig buffet 2 pony 2 And no holiday hallucination party would be complete without some oversized ‘shrooms and tinkling toadstools. mushroom vignette station tinkling toadstools 2 Every year at this corporate holiday party, the Santa photo-op is a big draw. The employees love sitting on Santa’s lap for a fun photo with their co-workers. So this time, Santa was a middle-eastern Maharishi Yogi in his very own poppy-opium den! mandap & hydra mandap 2 santa in mandap 1 mandap & hookhas Even James, the client’s event producer, got into the spirit. Peace, Love, and Christmas. james on santa's lap