Holidays That Sparkle in Pinks & Purples

Our ICA Installation Crew traveled to Dallas this week to spread a little Christmas Magic! Decorating for the holidays is no simple task when you’re building a 20′ Christmas tree. Bigger trees need bigger tools… and big floor space to put the tree! AG decorating 1 Starting at the top with a custom designed “logo star” topper, and then filling in with some textural sparkled sprays, the tree continues to grow from the bottom up… layer by layer. AG decorating 2 AG decorating 3 Once the topper was finished, Lefty and the rest of the “Elves” began decorating the tree. Hundreds of ornaments were pre-prepped so they were ready to be attached to the tree. Being in a retail space, it is important that all of the ornaments are secured on the tree with wire – not just hanging on a hook for little kids to play with! AG decorating 4 As each layer is completed, the truss is raised and another layer of tree is slid under & attached. Decorating continues layer by layer with the help of our ICA Crew and some very helpful store employees. AG decorating 5 When all of the layers are stacked, the tree is fully decorated and the truss at the top is removed. The twenty-foot tree now towers over the store and peeks into the second floor of the rotunda area. DALLAS American Girl tree 1 Once the Dallas store had its Christmas Tree in place, a couple ICA “Elves” were dispatched to a few other stores to help & train store employees to decorate their “normal” size trees. Like this one in the Boston store… BOSTON American Girl And this one in the Washington DC store… WASHINGTON DC American Girl Apparently, our “inner star” took us to Dallas, Boston & Washington DC!!!