ICA : Ingenuity. Creativity. Adaptability.

Simply put, Ivan Carlson & Associates creates innovative solutions in areas of corporate & social special events. The projects we have been privileged to produce demonstrate an eagerness to combine focused business insights with strategic creative thinking. While our clients range in size from small business entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, the challenge they face is virtually the same: to effectively determine and creatively communicate a distinct message. Ivan Carlson & Associates is confident you will find evidence of an energetic company that is easy to work with, ethically based, and fiercely focused on creative solutions. Our full-service event design and production company has over 30 years in the industry. We are a financially stable organization with innovative event designs and aggressive event marketers. Our broad depth of inventory combined with a range in pricing structure has created a solid industry reputation. We are housed in a 40,000 square foot scenic studio and design warehouse. And, we are also a group of really fun people. ICA: Ingenuity. Creativity. Adaptability.