Lounging in the Green Room

Some events are special. Some events have special talent. This one had both. A huge spectacle of a party thrown for some very special guests! Ivan Carlson was hired to take care of the talent’s Green Room requirements. Of course they could have had just the bare minimums… but what fun is that?! Instead, we converted each of the small rooms into its own special environment. Making each space unique with a color theme, floral and decorative accents. The primary Green Room was just that… green and relaxing with Asian accents. 1-floral 2 While the main artist had his own room, his entourage were each given a space to relax as well. The female artist was surrounded with warm tones in browns & oranges. The nanny’s room was designed with kids in mind with an oversized bean bag chair plush hot pink shag carpet and vibrant pops of hot pink and neon orange. The dance band had an electrifying room with dramatic lighting, with a clean white dressing room right next door. The Beatles’ Cover Band had a clean white room with pops of bright color and some whimsical floral touches… like memorable “Sgt. Pepper” peppers and green apples straight from the classic Beatles record label logo.