T-Rex Crashing Through

Our client, Culture22, an award-winning marketing communications and interactive technology agency, came to us with a project for their client, OPTO International, Inc.; a modular fixture and display system manufacturer. Ads created by Culture22 will be brought to life within OPTO’s trade show booth at Global Shop 2014 in Las Vegas. T-Rex mock-upSwan mock-up Shark mock-upPeacock mock-up Through custom construction and installation, we delivered a T-Rex that breaks through its wall, a shark bursting from the water to hunt its prey, surrounded by its circling friends, a regal peacock and a stoic swan. Here are some pre-site installation photos at the OPTO facility with our Production Manager Jeff & lead dinosaur wrangler Adam at the helm… err, head. T-Rex prep 1-180 T-Rex prep 2-180 T-Rex with tail-180 Additional photos of the finished product at Global Shop will be posted next month when they “come to life” in Las Vegas!