Thank You FIREFLY. Thank You Dover.

So our tenure in Dover has come to an end. Firefly Music Festival 2013 has come and gone. Thank you Dover for making it our home-away-from-home! Thank you Firefly for giving us a great reason to come play in The Woodlands. Today is our last day. Time for one last full team photo! The ICA • Read More »

FIREFLY : Gone But Not Forgotten

What once was a hustling-bustling Coffeehouse, is not but a framework of its former glory. Firefly 2013 may be over… but dates have already been announced for 2014!!! So it’s just one more year until the fun in Dover happens again!!!  

FIREFLY : All Good Things Must Come To An End

The three days of concerts are over. The music has ended. The crowds have left. Now we just need to take it all down and pack it up back into boxes & trucks! All of the furniture. The pillows. The lanterns. All of the cables. All of the cords & wires.