Thank You FIREFLY. Thank You Dover.

So our tenure in Dover has come to an end. Firefly Music Festival 2013 has come and gone. Thank you Dover for making it our home-away-from-home! Thank you Firefly for giving us a great reason to come play in The Woodlands. Today is our last day. Time for one last full team photo! The ICA Crew and “adopted” Wolf Pack all celebrating a job well done. crew & wolf pack 1 Special thanks to all of them for becoming such a great addition to our Ivan Carlson family! Each of them came in as new, fresh interns, but will be leaving with a lot of new skills & experiences under their belt. Skills they can use during the remainder of their Internship with Red Frog Events. Thanks for lending them to us… one last chance for the Wolf Pack chant, okay, for some of us anyway?!!! crew & wolf pack 2 Peace out. adam