Winter WonderFest Opens Today

For several years, Ivan Carlson has been honored to be an integral part of Winter WonderFest. From the very beginning, we’ve been decorating trees, Reindeer Express, Santas Around The World and making everything look extra festive. Every year we tackle thirty wonderful thematic trees. Not your normal “tree-at-home” kind of tree. But a little bit wacky & over the top! This year, we added some planter boxes which grouped some tree trios and also provided some much needed seating. So here are the new “trios” debuting today! Grouping #1 : New Year’s Eve, Purple & Silver and the Wedding Tree. 4i - FLOWER BOX 1 One of our personal favorites is The Wedding Tree – with a flowing white veil being “carried” by doves, silver bells and a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers. 4i - SPONSOR wedding 2 4i - SPONSOR wedding FB4i - SPONSOR wedding bouquet Grouping #2… Grandpa’s Lodge, S’Mores and Grandma’s Attic. 4r - FLOWER BOX 4 One of our favorites is The S’mores Tree – complete with the requisite flickering campfire, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate colored ornaments. 4t - SPONSOR s'mores 4 4t - SPONSOR s'mores 24t - SPONSOR s'mores FB1 Grouping #3 – The Rites of Spring, Golden Medley and Primavera. 4h - FLOWER BOX 2 Grouping #4 – The Boy’s Tree, Back-To-School and The Girl’s Tree. 4v - FLOWER BOX 3 In addition to the twelve trees that now reside in planter boxes, another eighteen are placed around the room for everyone to enjoy. Like the whimsical swirls of red & white, and twists of lime in The Peppermint Tree... 4g - SPONSOR candy cane Or the literary nod with our timely homage to The Girl On Fire Tree4f - SPONSOR girl on fire 1 Come down to Navy Pier for Winter WonderFest. The kids will love all of the rides, games & activities. The parents will have plenty of beautiful thematic Christmas trees to keep them entertained. Special thanks to all of our “Holiday Elves” who worked so hard to get this done on time. Many of them were ICA Crew, but we also get some great help from a few of the Navy Pier Park employees. Thanks for your help this year. We couldn’t have gotten it done without your energy & now-glitter-covered spirit! 5 - winter wonderfest CREW