50th Anniversary : An Evening With Cirque du Soleil

As the festivities continued in Las Vegas, the guests were all invited to enjoy an evening watching Cirque du Soleil’s “KA” at the MGM Grand. The show is ablaze with vivid colors, geometric patterns… and well, err… flames! archers2 towers It’s an epic battle of “good”… twins2 valets … versus “evil” with plenty of aerials & acrobatics in between to tell the story. counselor son spear In addition to seeing the Cirque du Soleil show, the guests went to a large banquet dinner designed with “KA” in mind. The geometric patterns from the characters was extrapolated into the large illuminated panels. The Green panels reflect the patterned costumes of the “good” Royal Family, while the purple pattern symbolizes the tribal tattoos that are apparent in the “evil” side. ICA-cirque room shot ICA-cirque lantern1ICA-cirque lantern2 To create the sense of “fire” in the room, the ICA crew built custom glow towers for the event, again utilizing the thematic patterns for “good & evil.” The top of every tower was also set aflame with large faux flames for safety. From a distance they look real… but never a chance of burning down the Ballroom! The large central area of the room also employed the large “Jumbo-Tron” televisions that were part of the room with a swirling fire effect created by our Lighting Designer John. ICA-cirque fire towers Outside the Ballroom, as guests arrived and departed, they were bathed in colorful lighting and more flames to help set the tone… yes, once again faux flames for safety! ICA-cirque exterior One of the “tricks” to this dinner was that we had to account for two different dinner seating times. While half of the group was watching the matinee show, the other half were having dinner. And when the matinee viewers left their show, they were ready for their dinner. Without enough time to clean, flip, restock & replenish the room, we devised an “illusion” that would serve our purposes. The line of illuminated panels & lanterns that went down the center of the room actually divided the two seatings as well. So the first seating was on one side of the panels with the other side totally dark. Then the “flip” happened with a flick of the switch to change the lighting and the second, already set, room was ready for dinner seating #2. ICA-cirque divider