50th Anniversary : Elements Dinner

The third night of the festivities continued with a special seated dinner focused on the four natural elements – Air, Water, Earth & Fire. And sadly no, the classic band “Earth, Wind & Fire” were not performing…. talk about missed opportunities! But I digress… The large “room” we had created with draping from a octagonal suspended truss was used again for dinner. This time, the “room” was divided visually into four sections. Four quadrants emanating from the center like spokes on a wheel. Each quadrant was an element represented by a different color. Tablecloths, florals and lighting each played a dramatic part on the “elements” palette. ICA-elements dining room shot ICA-elements dining room shot angle ICA-elements room shot fire 4 ICA-elements room shot 2 Throughout the night, video images were projected on the “flat wall” of the quadrant’s draping. “Air” was represented with moving clouds, “Water” with rain, waterfalls, droplets, and so on. Color washes on both sides of the image continued the theme. ICA elements room shot-earth The floral centerpieces were designed & created by our own ICA Floral Team – utilizing colors & textures indicative of the element. Air… ICA-elements air floral Earth… ICA-elements dining room-earth 2 Fire… ICA-elements dining room-fire 3 Photos courtesy of Ben Harrison Photography.