50th Anniversary : Gala Dinner

For the final evening of the program, guests were invited to a formal dinner before a special closing concert. The room was dramatically lit with colors & gobo patterns on the ceiling that conveyed the pattern of the linens. ICA gala dinner 2 A dining room set for 3,000 guests makes quite an impression. Luckily, we were able to get a bird’s eye view to see the entire room. Rows & rows of tables. Each with beautiful linen & elegant floral centerpieces. ICA gala dinner 6 ICA gala dinner 4 The floral centerpieces were created fresh for the event by the ICA Floral Team. A medley of vivid colors from red roses, lime green viburnum and purple hydrangeas. ICA gala dinner 1 ICA gala dinner 5 After dinner, the guests were taken to the local Botanic Garden for a special concert evening with Sting. What a great way to close out “this leg” of the festivities. As if this weren’t “special” enough… all 3,000 guests were soon on their way to Las Vegas to continue their 50th Anniversary festivities!!! Photos courtesy of Ben Harrison Photography.