50th Anniversary : Vegas Rally Party

The guests who enjoyed the 50th Anniversary Celebration events in Grand Rapids, Michigan were also invited to continue on with the party as it traveled to Las Vegas! So the 3,000 top-tier sales performers all went to Las Vegas, and were joined by the second tier of sales performers. A great perk for those 5,000 people who have great sales records for the year. The client asked us for a vibrant, crazy, colorful pep-rally feel to kick-off the Las Vegas portion of the celebration. Some large, illuminated sphere hanging throughout the room added some excitement… and the groovy lighting pattern our Lighting Designer John added to the walls just clinched it. Instant party!!! ICA-reception party spheres & wall 1 ICA-reception party As this Anniversary Celebration was a global events with guests from around the world, the design concept centered on globes… which took us to spheres… which took us to fun, bright colors… with took us to the Rally Party that the client was asking for! ICA-reception party ICA-reception party  globes