A Special “Field Museum” Transformation

When a special client hires you to take over Chicago’s Field Museum for night, and offers up some great design themes & concepts… let the games begin! Last night, the weeks of planning came together as the landmark museum was transformed with thematic decor and dramatic lighting. Guests from around the world descended upon the museum for a night of fun with their corporate co-workers. Throughout the museum, guests were greeted with with six different thematic areas for them to explore. From early Spain in the time of the explorers, to the prehistoric days when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. While in the Jurassic area, guests were invited to string their own prehistoric jewelry of fossils, teeth, beads and stones. It’s always fun to design an event like this and keeping with the exisiting elements of the venue… like a big Tyrannosauraus Rex! The central space of Stanley Field Hall was converted into a traditional, and functioning, Moroccan spice market complete with spices to smell, tough, taste and take home. Plus henna tattoo stalls, a custom mandap and performances by a live sitar band. Then it was through a country saloon with honky-tonk karaoke down in Rice Hall with the animals surrounding it to complete the Western feel. Followed by a theater area featuring the many films made in Chicago. The museum’s special exhibit offered the final area, and favorite to many, the CHOCOLATE exhibit. With custom made highboy tables, flower-upholstered bars and a mirrored wall of fondue cups! Guests could choose from three chocolate flavors and hundreds of things to dip.