An Affair To Remember

Celebrating the the most romantic holiday of the year required a complete conversion of this once-sleek & contemporary home into a plush, velvety escape from a cold Winter’s night. After passing the walkway of glowing red luminaria, guests were greeted with a vivid “smooch” on the wall. The living room was enveloped with rich red velvet drapes and stylish Greek columns. Thematic “flower” carpets and custom-designed highboy tables gave the guests a lavish environment in which to mingle. custom highboy-180 The Library was draped in red velvet & gold sheers to add elegance & height to the room; while chocolate candy heart boxes, floral frame bars and an ice sculpture martini luge created a traditional Valentine’s feel. chocolate hearts wall 2-180 ice sculpture-180 The Guest Room was transformed with a pop of bright colors! Based on traditional candy “conversation hearts,” the small room offered a great escape for a more intimate moment. Not to be left out, the basement was turned into a full-blown dance party with DJ, dance floor and a “rougher” biker bar theme. Tribal tattoos, black & silver candles and a custom-designed “broken heart” table completed the room. Outside, guests were invited to take a breather and encouraged to make their own “Hunka, Hunka Burning Love.” Heart-shaped pieces of wood were written upon with personal wishes, desires or fantasies… then cast into the glowing firepits.