FIREFLY : Clear Skies Ahead

Well, it’s been a few soggy days… delaying parts of the set-up for the Firefly Music Festival. Pouring rain & squishy ground aren’t too conducive to building tents & venues?! Luckily, the sun has come out today and everyone was in high spirits as things started coming together. backstage lounge 2 Some of our Ivan Carlson Crew working it out in Dover… Walter, Armando, Adam, Gerry, Sal and Ricky. They’re great at making it all come together venue by venue. Today they tackled the Backstage Lounge area with boldly colored fabric walls which will serve as part of the back bar decor. backstage lounge ICA guys Especially with the help of our willing “Wolf Pack”… Paul, Katie, Colleen, Devin, Lexi, Alex and Zeyhne. A group of highly energetic interns assigned to us from Red Frog Events. We’ve only been with them for a few days, but already they’ve been a big help! backstage lounge wolf pack Although it’s not raining today, there are still plenty of puddles… like these in “The Pathway” where we need to bring in some heavy equipment to rig a custom chandelier in the trees. Looks like it’s not going to happen until “The Pathway Pond” disappears! pathway flood silent disco flooded 2silent disco flooded 1