FIREFLY : Multiple Stages of Fun

In addition to the Main Stage, there are three other stages around The Woodlands during the Firefly Music Festival. Slightly smaller in scale, but still great talent scheduled to perform throughout the weekend. Again, we didn’t really have much to do to with the construction or production of the these stages… just showing off what a great music festival this is turning out to be!!! Starting with a quiet moment at The Backyard stage before the crowd arrives… 3.2-backyard stage 1 3.2-girl talk 1 And who doesn’t like a little confetti now & again?! 3.2-girl talk 2 A brief bit of down-time at The Lawn stage… before the next show kicks into high-gear! 3.1-lawn abandoned 3.1-lawn concert 2 3.1-lawn concert 1 And the last stage The Porch… doing a little lighting check before guests arrive. 3-porch stage 1 3-porch stage 2 3-porch stage 3 And a quiet moment… when Mother Nature decided it was her turn to perform… 3-stage with rainbow