FIREFLY : Pallet Seating on VIP Loft

Special guests need special treatment. And special seating!!! So we designed a wonderful new seating unit for the VIP Loft overlooking the Main stage at the Firefly Music Festival. A special viewing platform for the special VIP Guests! loft pallet wall 1-300 Part of the vibe & feel of Firefly is a quaint, rustic, back-woodsey relaxing summer day. We’ve tried to utilize a lot of raw wood, un-finished & un-polished wood & construction techniques. Wooden pallets have become one of our favorite materials to build with. The variations in wood color & surface work well for the style & feel of Firefly. loft pallet wall 2-300 Once Walter & Adam re-assembled the seating area, the twinkling firefly lighting effect was tested. Like swarms of fireflies flitting around & about the Firefly log and the wooden pallet wall. loft pallet wall 1-300 Add some custom made cushions, pillows & bolsters and you’ve got a VIP-worthy seating area with a bit of a rustic twist. We’re sure there will be people all over this during concert weekend. loft pallet wall 4-300 Once it was all up, Morgan & Megan decided to test it out first… which of course they can as they are our main Firefly contacts from Red Frog Events. They loved the wall unit… and they loved the chance to sit back for a few minutes to relax! loft pallet wall morgan & megan 1-300 And some of out crew taking a “two-second break” after assembling the wall & seating area. Walter, Adam, Dominique, Ricky, Armando, Gerry and Sal. loft pallet wall ICA crew-300 And the finished product. Custom-designed pallet seating & branded Firefly wall. Ready & waiting for the VIP concert-goers to arrive and take over the VIP Loft area! loft pallet wall 13-300