FIREFLY : Specialty Theme Gardens

We’re one day away, and final touches are happening everywhere! Today we installed several of our custom, theme gardens around the festival grounds. Like the Firefly “Flower Bed” which invited guests to sit back, relax and “take a nap” during the hectic concert schedule. flower bed 5-300 Another one is the Firefly Logo Lawn. With lettering seemingly cut-out with vintage lawn mowers… and white flowers popping up! logo lawn 3-300 Outside The Brewery tent, we get to decorate two vehicles that are brought in by Dogfish Head Brewery. One of them is a vintage pick-up truck, the other a vintage “Jeep-type” vehicle. brewery 8-300 brewery 7-300 Towards the entrance, we installed vertical pallet gardens along the entrance fencing… a perfect place to prop up Creative Director Gary’s mode of transportation for the festival! pallet garden & bike-300 And speaking of bicycles, we also did a Bicycle Garden… which the Wolf Pack were more than excited to pull together. Especially when they were told to grab a bike and ride it over to the garden location. Our mish-mash of rickety vintage bikes made the “race” over quite humorous. Especially for those who grabbed a bike that didn’t quite work!!! And yes, for those who may not have figured it out yet, the two hands up is part of the Wolf Pack chant. It’s the very end… and indicates two wolf ears pointing up. Funny every time they do it. wolf pack on bikes 3-300 bicycle garden 3-300 bicycle garden 5-300