Bright Lights For A New Product Launch

A fun, new product launch needs a fun, new environment for the launch party! Specialty lighting & gobos were utilized to create a bright & colorful space for the guests. The exterior walls & tent sides were washed with color and custom gobos for branding. Vertical glow towers were added for some architectural & textural design, as well as a great location for the lighting fixtures to get them up & out of the way. LaBron James LaBron James Inside the tent, the walls, furniture & dance floor were bathed in a textured mix of lime greens & lemon yellows. Plenty of room for the guests to dance the night away or relax in one of the bubbly seating vignettes. LaBron James LaBron James LaBron James LaBron James A few hours earlier… before the party, and without the cool lighting… LaBron James